matrix properties N/A ?

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6.10 on Windows

In the Std Latex Article, start a new line
and insert a random 2x2 matrix. (Nothing
seems to depend on the size: I also
tried with a 6x6).

Now select the first column (say) and
right-click. One of the options is Properties.
When I select this, nothing happens, except
that a tiny square seems to appear at the
top-right of the blue selection bar. Similarly
if you select a row or (I think) any other
part of the matrix including the whole thing.

Presumably something's not being correctly

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Could this issue be related

Could this issue be related to the one I raised in my topic "Aligning matrix columns"? I had expected that selecting Properties as suggested here would bring up a menu including Matrix Properties from which I could select an option for aligning columns. But, as Phil says, nothing happens when I select Properties in this context.

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Yes, it was jm's question

Yes, it was jm's question that suggested that I try this, to see if there was a Property analogous to the matrix Property in SWP5, where we can set the alignment.

I also poked around on Bugzilla, and found that this was already known as of Sept 9, when it was marked as "critical". That nothing appears to have been done in 4 months is a bit disappointing.