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With the last couple of updates to SWP 6, the installation process gives me 2 options, (1) update existing installation and (2) install new version separately from existing installation, even though I have already uninstalled the previous version using the uninstaller provided with SWP. In both cases, I have chosen (1) and the installation has worked correctly (with the license recognised and my settings remembered) despite my having uninstalled the previous version.

This raises the following questions:

1. When is it either desirable or necessary to uninstall a previous version before installing an update? (With the beta versions, the instruction was to uninstall first.)

2. Might there be a problem with updating an existing installation when the previous version has actually been uninstalled? Or is the only information from the previous version used for the update in files (such as the license file) that are not removed by using the uninstaller provided with SWP?

I haven't so far encountered any problem with updating an uninstalled version but might I in the future?

1.  Updating from one minor

1.  Updating from one minor version to the next should be fine.  There was a change in how the profile information is handled, and before that change the recommendation was to uninstall and delete the profile before updating to a new minor version. 

2. The uninstaller leaves the profile information, which is where the licesne file is saved.  Uninstalling and installing a new version should be equivalent to just installing the new version using the update option provided by the installer.

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I would greatly appreciate

I would greatly appreciate answers to the questions I raised in this topic and I think others would too. Please may we have some.

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On a slightly related

On a slightly related question: I've now got about 1.5GB of previous versions on disk. Is there any reason to keep the older of these around? And if not, can I just delete the relevant folders or is there some other procedure that's "safer"?

Deleting would be fine.  If

Deleting would be fine.  If you install (or rename) into different directories for the different minor versions, you can use each version separately.  That's something that I will do to avoid having to do a reinstall when testing behavior between versions.  Only one version can be run at one time.