New save problem

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SWP 6.10 on Windows

A New Save Problem.

I have now run up against a different
save-failure problem. This time the
symptom is that you get a cannot-save message
and when you ask for more info you get
a message (capitalization may be wrong):

Component returned failure code 0x80004005

This has happened to me in 2 separate
sessions shortly after installing 6.10.
The second time it happened
I tried to start a new document and
then cut-and-paste the contents of the
document that wouldn't save. This didn't

Note that this is not the same failure-
to-save problem that was previously
reported. (That one involved a license
recognition issue).

But still : having a word-processor
refuse to save your work is unacceptable.
I would not recommend using SWP6 for any
serious work until this is diagnosed
and fixed.