Drawing and Inserting Pictures

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I am supplying a little video to discuss this topic.

What I'm trying to determine is whether the sort of operation that I like to perform can be adapted to make it work in SWP 6 or whether that would be driving a square peg into a round hole; in which case I should do my on-screen work in SWP 5.5.
There is one unfortunate slip of the tongue in this video. I spoke about the need to fiddle with pasted graphics in the SWP 5.5 screen to make them come into focus; but I accidentally said SWP 6 there.
I want to make it clear that I can't paste at all into SWP 6 but that pictures that are imported from a previously made graphics file have SHARPLY better quality in SWP 6 than in SWP 5.5.

I also tried copying a picture sitting in a SWP document and then pasting into SWP 5.5 but that's not possible either.

To get the video I'm supplying here, please use the following link. When you run the EXE file there, it will create a folder
(unless you choose a different path) and will extract to there and then automatically open a little menu that invites you to click on the video.
This process is for Windows only.