Too many untitledxx.sci files?

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I received a perplexing message using SWP6.09. The computer complained that I had too many untitledxx.sci files and I had to delete some to allow access to the directory. Is this a SWP complaint or a Windows 10 problem.
And what generates untitledxx.sci files anyway?
Jim Meyer

This is SW being extra

This is SW being extra careful in preserving new, unsaved documents.  Perhaps a little too careful.

When you create a new document, the untitledXX.sci file and corresponding directory untitledXX_work are created.  In general, if you open filename.sci and the filename_work directory exists, then you are prompted to see if you want to continue by using the contents of the _work directory.  This would recover unsaved work caused by a crash or power outage.  This mechanism only works when the .sci file exists, so untitledXX.sci is created when a new document is opened to allow recovery. 

Looks like the cleanup isn't always happening, leaving behind untitledXX.sci files.  To avoid deleting an untitledXX.sci file that was actually saved with this name, does it seem reasonable to not allow untitledXX as a document name?

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I would never name a file

I would never name a file untitledxx.sci; the problem is the accumulation of files I do not create, or am unaware that I am creating.