Bug with paired braces {}

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There is a bug with paired braces that contain a decoration on top of a mathematical symbol that results in the braces not being properly aligned on screen.

I can reliably reproduce this by starting with a Blank LaTeX Article, creating a display equation with paired braces {} and then inserting a decoration such as a ^ above a symbol between them. The braces shift down so that, in the case of a upper case letter symbol, they are partly below the display, see the attached file.

With paired square brackets [], the behavior is correct. With paired parentheses (), the right-hand one ) does not expand to match the size of the left-hand one (.

These are on-screen bugs. The PDF Preview output is correct.

This is with Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.2).

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I exported the document to

I exported the document to web and then opened using Firefox.  The braces are displayed correctly there, so I believe what is being seen is a rendering problem with the MathML engine used by SW.  We will update the rendering engine to match with the current Firefox at some point, but this is a non-trivial update, perhaps even meaning that we will change the version number from 6.0 to 6.1.

That is, this display bug will remain, probably for some number of months.

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Whatever the cause, I think

Whatever the cause, I think the incorrect rendering is new to 6.0.9 - it occurs with 6.0.9 in documents I created with 6.0.8 and that appeared correctly on screen with that version. So I think it must be something you have changed between 6.0.8 and 6.0.9 that is giving rise to the incorrect screen appearance, not some deep-seated problem with the MathML engine.

There were some font

There were some font selection changes between the .8 and .9 versions, so it looks like that's the actual cause of the problem.  This issue should be corrected (or at least, put back to how it was) with the next update.