SWP 6.0.8 with Mac OS X

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Contrary to the experience of some other contributors, I have not found SWP 6.0.8 unusable. I have written several documents with it and not run into any problem with saving or printing my work. Moreover, the pesky gray box that bedevilled previous Mac versions has not occurred. That's great.

But there are still lots of bugs that make using the program somewhat nerve racking because editing, particularly of displayed equations, too often has unexpected results. As a result, I feel I need to save my work before doing anything other than just typing body text.

I attach a sci file that illustrates the bugs I have encountered so far. Some I have reported previously.

I would echo P Viton's request for more feedback on posting of bugs so that I know whether the bug reports I make are actually useful. It gets very dispiriting spending time documenting them and not to learn whether you intend to fix them or whether I should just forget about those that aren't fixed in the next version.

SWP608EditingBugs.sci193.71 KB

We do look at all the posts. 

We do look at all the posts.  If there are lots of comments, we may not reply as we work through everything.  Posting each different bug separately makes it easier for us to reply to each item.