Is SWP6 usable?

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Is SWP6 usable?

It has been more than a week since jsmeyer
reported here that he had lost his work when
SWP6 wouldn't recognize his license and save
what he had written. I am concerned that
there has been no response to this
devastating report from the developers.
Having to worry whether the system will
allow you to save your work when you're
done is simply not acceptable. Until the
problem is fixed, I do not consider that
SWP6 is usable for any serious work.

There is also a second concern. It seems to be
something of a crap-shoot as to which questions
posted here actually receive a response. For
example, I've posted several how-do-I questions,
which have not been answered; and I am not
alone. If users cannot count on timely answers
even to simple questions, they will have no
incentive to use a new and unfamiliar system.

I think MSI needs to commit to substantial
improvements in user support: for example, that
all questions will receive a response within
(say) two working days. And they should go
through all postings here, and ensure that
every question has been addressed.

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I have spoken with George a

I have spoken with George a couple of times about the intermittent and unpredictable behavior of refusing to save (or print.) They are aware of the problem but have not found its source yet. It seems to me that version 6.08 of SWP is a retrogression. But I really like the interface and the seeming elegance of such a complex project. I hope it can be made less unstable soon.
Jim Meyer

I don't think it is usable

I don't think it is usable yet. They do not respond to the request to add "remove item tag."
There are too many bugs in handling "item tags" in current SWP 6.
Whenever I play around adding and removing tags in a plain text, SWP 6 crashes within a minute.

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Ancientwell, be patient. The


be patient. The first release lives only a half of year. Compare it with the new VW version or cellar or notebooks. All have bugs from the very beginning.

Ireneusz Winnicki

For the moment, I'm reluctant

For the moment, I'm reluctant to use SWP6. For example, I can't import a book I'm writing with SWP5 : SWP6 seems to have problems when handling main and sub documents (though someone from Mack. Soft. told me he had no pb with 6.0.8 and the files I sent him). Meanwhile, the whole interface is not sufficiently friendly users (in contrary to SWP5).

Edit : after I posted, I try again SWP6. It crashed after 5mn while I was working an important text. As I no such time to waste, I go back to SWP5...