Very slow install of 6.08 update

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I have installed all the previous updates and they went way way faster than 6.08 does. I have had to cancel the 6.08 install a few times. I suspect that the server may not be responding. If my memory is correct, even when it took time during the texlive part of the install, at least I saw some activity in the install window (I could see file names being copied). Now I see no activity at all in the 6.08 install window. It is as though the install is stuck. The percent of memory used in the Task Manager does not change at all while the install seems to be stalled.

I did try installing 6.08 as administrator in case the problem has to do with a recent Microsoft update. There was a major update for Windows 10 and after that I have had issues with other non-Mackitchan software using a directory in the C drive. The issue was resolved by running the software as administrator. I wonder if my running the 6.08 install as administrator would be inherited by the three installs (SciWork, texlive, ghostscript) within the 6.08 install.