CST, FRG files, Shell files, automatic substitutions.

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Can I use or import or reuse resources from SWP 5.5 for SWP 6.0? I'm thinking of my shells, CST files, fragments, and setting such as automatic substitutions. If so, where can I copy these files to?

Is there a style editor for SWP 6?

To complicate matters, I'm using OSX for SWP 6.

The systems are quite

The systems are quite different, so there's no direct path.  Depending on the shell, importing might be sufficient.  If additional typesetting support is needed, then it becomes more difficult and there isn't a straightforward answer.  The .cst files don't exist in Verison 6.  Instead, .css files would need to be created, mostly by hand right now (again, depending on what's needed -- just copying an existing .css might be sufficient).  Moving fragments is probably best done by creating a document with the fragments, importing into Version 6 and than saving as new fragments.  Version 5.5 automatic substitutions are saved in the user registry.  There's a way to get them out, but not easily, so it's probably easiest to just recreate them in Version 6.

No, there is no Style Editor for Version 6.

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George, thanks. One thing

George, thanks. One thing you can do in 5.5 with the style editor or by directly editing .cst files is to add your own tags (i.e. environments). I've found this very helpful in the past. For example if I have defined an environment "foo" a .sty file, I can program F8 to start a foo environment and then exit it with F2.

Is there a way to this or something similar in 6.0?