Short titles in Beamer

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I am a new user of SW and I have the 6.0.8 version.
The title of my presentation is large...So,I want a shorter version to appear at
the left down part of the presentation. I saw that in previous versions it was enough
just to put square brackets at the beginning of the title.I tried to do the same thing now
but unfortunately nothing happened.This wasn't applicable even in the other down fields
of the front slide. What can I do in this case?

Thank you in advance!

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Open up a new document using

Open up a new document using the Beamer shell. Then copy-paste the existing title into your document. Then, you will have a short title, which can be edited.

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Thank you very much, John!

Thank you very much, John! This really helped...Great!
One more question,please.The short title in the green brackets appears next to the main title
as well .Is it possible to drop it from the main title but still appear in the footer?