wrapping text in a table cell - howto?

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SWP 6.08 on MsWin

Cell wrap

A repeat of a previously unanswered
question: how does one get text
in a table cell to wrap?

Enter a 2x2 table, and put a long
sentence in the 1,1 cell. Now do
Table Propeties and select the cell
tab. Note that under Other, text
wrapping is set to "wrap", but there
appears to be no way to decide how wide
the cell should be. And in fact if you
preview, the text in the wide cell
isn't wrapped. In SWP5 it was easy
to set the column width.

Also, note that the Advanced Edit
button (bttom right, may need to
scroll down to see it) does nothing.
Same for the similar button on the Frame
and Lines tabs.

Finally note that two instances of
Current units (Table tab, Max table width;
and Cells tab, Size) appear to be empty
and unspecifiable.