6.08 Installation notes

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(6.08 on MS-Win)

I'm not sure that the system is correctly finding
the bibtex style files location. They ought to
be (for a texLive system) in
...\texmf-dist\bibtex\bst but in two installations
they weren't found (so the Styles box of the bibtex
bibliography dialog was empty). However, you
can set this by hand under Preferences->Typesetting
(and entries here are now remembered) so it isn't a
major problem, so long as users are
aware of what needs to be done.

Also, the install routine asks for the TEXMF
location, which I don't recall being asked for
before. Can't you deduce this from the
main tex system location (at least for a
TDS-compliant system, which I take it
you're assuming)?

Finally, you may want to check that the install
routine uses the correct TeX system location in
setting MSITEX : this appears always to be set to
c:/texlive/2015, but the user might have installed
it to, say, c:/TeXLive2015. (Possibly related to the
empty bibtex styles issue?).

Also, as of now (Nov 17, 3:30 eastern US time) the
what's new sidebar is still showing the update notice
for 6.07 (not 6.08). Since 6.08 seems to have fixed
the important math-subscript problem, this is
something worth publicizing.