Major bug with SWP 6.0.7 under OS X

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The attached file illustrates what seems to me a major bug in SWP 6.0.7 under OS X that makes it virtually unusable for editing documents with displayed equations. I have not noticed the problem with previous versions of SWP 6.

Can anybody explain how to avoid this problem?

I have also been experiencing the pesky Gray Box blocking out part of the SWP window that occurred with some earlier versions and that Barry had identified as the context (right click) menu. I thought Barry had fixed this but it's back again.

Equation editing2.sci142.49 KB
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The subscript-removal bug

The subscript-removal bug also happens under MS Windows.

The deletion bug is fixed in

The deletion bug is fixed in Version 6.0.8.  Please let us know if you find a case where that's not true, or any similar problem.  Thanks.