Where is "remove item tag?"

Where is "remove item tag?" It is easy to find in SWP 5.5, but not in SWP 6.
I found "remove section," but it does not work properly. For instance, when I apply "bulletlist item," and then apply "remove section," it does not remove 'dot' as in SWP 5.5. Quite difficult to use SWP 6.

I found a way by assigning a

I found a way by assigning a key to this function with the menu >tag >functions keys. But this is not satisfactory. Where is gone the tags list of swp 5 which was quite easy to use.

In general, I find SWP 6 cumbersome to use. For example, why should we have to press "continue" to have the correct number of compilations ? This should be done automatically. MSdos windows are open and not closed. There is no interest to see them and the prg should close them anyway.

Where is gone the good spirit of SWP : making TEX with knowing almost nothing about TEX ?

In fact, it seems to me that

In fact, it seems to me that the important feature "scrolling menu" for tags is not present in swp6 and that, therefore, there is no other way to assign to each tag a shortcut.

Really, it seems to me that SWP6 has something to do with a draft issue...