suppress "LaTeX passes" dialog--- how?

Every time I push the Preview button and LaTeX runs, I get a "LaTeX Passes" dialog remaining that says "Done!" and "New Number of Passes" and a widget to change that and "Press the Continue button to Continue" which I then have to interact with instead of just near instant viewing of the new pdf in my default pdf viewer, SumatraPDF.

How do I suppress this dialog's inevitable appearance so as to remove this friction?

Sorry, but this request

Sorry, but this request currently cannot be accommodated.  The dialog is needed for avoid a design issue where the PDF window would not be displayed properly without some user action.  The user action is to close the the LaTeX Passes dialog.  Previously the action had been to move the cursor over the preview window.

This is an often requested change.  The developers are aware of this request and may be able to solve the technical issue with some future version. 

The behavior has been changed

The behavior has been changed with Version 6.0.8.  The LaTeX Passes dialog will now close automatically and the PDF view of the typeset results will be opened automatically.