SWP 6.06 and Yosemite

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I am using SWP 6.06 on a MacPro with OS X 10.10.5. There are a lot of niggling problems but one killer: The tag boxes do not drop down. I have installed it on another MacPro at home and experience the same behavior. I can start from a new document following the screencasts and I can enter characters and is autocompletes but no drop down list of alternatives.

Secondly a comment on conversion. The conversion process from documents created using SWP 5.5 should be virtually painless or you will hear a lot of bitching. It is not painless and in fact is very painful. How can you create a new version and not have documents fully compatible with the previous version?

Finally, let me state that I have been a user of SWP from the beginning. In fact I was one of the original users of its predecessor T3. I have recently been playing with LYX on the Mac and it is useable if not as elegant as SWP 6.0. So far this version of SWP feels much more like a beta version than a production version.

Good luck with getting the kinks out.

We have not seen a problem

We have not seen a problem with the tag drop downs.  I just tried this using the same version of OS X you are using.

Customers have been rather creative with the objects they have created in Version 5.5, and LaTeX itself is rather open ended.  We have found some issues with importing and are working to correct those issues as they are discovered.  Send any documents you have difficulty with so we will know about the particular issues you are seeing.