2 Issues with SWP 6.05 for MAC OS

I have two issues with SWP for the MAC:

1. When I am editing a .sci document, let's call it document.sci, I choose "Typeset PDF Preview" and a pdf of my document, named SWP.pdf, is created in the "work" folder associated with the document.sci file. When I go to create another preview, the same file is overwritten. However, I never get a "document.pdf" file generated. Furthermore, when I close the document.sci file and try to reopen it later to edit, I get this message:

"A working directory for the document you selected still exists. This means that your previous editing session may have been interrupted. Do you want to resume editing this previous work instead of starting a new editing session?

No, Ignore it Yes, use it"

Am I doing something wrong when trying to compile a pdf? And, am I doing something wrong when trying to close out a .sci editing session?

2. When I choose "classic" skin in preferences, the skin seems to change to a cleaner, flat theme. But once I roll the mouse over any buttons, they revert to the shaded/gradient theme of the modern skin. The choice of skin in preferences doesn't seem to work.