Vector Graphis in SW 6.0.2

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I have found several serious problems with graphics in SW 6. I am using Windows 8.1 (64 bits, Enterprise)

1) The menu for Insert Image and/or Image Properties can be used only once per session. Once it is closed, it will not open again until SW is completely closed and reopened.

2) According to the manual there should be five tabs in the menu: Image, Placement, Frame, Labeling, and Link. I get only the first three. I cannot label the figure, but I can tell SW where to put the nonexistent label.

3) The manual states that I can choose whether to put the image into a frame or not. The only way not to have a frame is to turn it white.

I tried to import various graphic formats for vector graphics. All led to problems.

WMF: I got an error message to the effect that printer WMF2EPS was not installed. Apparently, SW is using an obsolete program wmf2epsc to convert the file. According to their web site wmf2eps has not been maintained since Windows XP. The printer is billed as a fix for Windows 7, but the printer installation is not part of SW.

AI: I tried using the native output of Adobe Illustrator. I was told that it was not an acceptable format.

EPS and PDF: Each imported into SW but the image size defaulted to 0x0. This typesets as a small rectangle and can't be resized. To get a good image you need to open the file in a program like Adobe Illustrator and note the size of the graphic. Then, you can enter the size or a scaled size into the SW import window. Preserve Aspect Ratio is not usable.

JPG: This is a bitmap rather than a vector graphic. It did seem to work and even displayed the figure in Normal mode.