SWP 6.0.2 First Impressions

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Installing SWP 6.0.2, WIndows 7 Ultimate. Sorry for being slow on this. Here are my first impressions. Let's note that from past experience, I had disabled my antivirus software during the install. I had also uninstalled the previous version of SWP and erased my profile.

1) I know that people resist change. But every time I install a new release of this software since we have been beta testing it, I cannot help but feel it is not as nice as SWP 5.5. I hope I am the only one feeling this way.

2) Problem with pdf preview (already mentioned in RC3). I imported a latex document created with SWP 5.5, the process went fine. I was able to pdf preview it fine. When I made changes and tried to pdf preview it again, I got a blank preview page. In fact, it seems that once you have previewed a document once, you cannot preview again the same document or another one. However, if I close and restart SWP between each document, then it works fine.

My first impression: 1) tried

My first impression:
1) tried load/import a simple document made with SWP 5.5
2) Bombed out - I don't recall the details at this moment
3) Not ready for prime - I don't need to waste my time debugging this, I'll wait till it's compatible with swp 5.5 documents - what are they "thinking"?

ps Have been a user for 20+ years if that's meaningful.