BibTex issue

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In 6.0.1 the BibTex properties box displayed two list boxes: the left one with a list of available .bib BibTex database files, and the right side one with a list of .bst BibTex style files.

On my installation of 6.0.2 the .bib files are displayed as before but the listbox for the .bst style files is blank.

How can I import a .bst BibTex style file to have it appear in the list box in BibTex properties?


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Confirmed: SWP 6.0.2 Win 7

Confirmed: SWP 6.0.2 Win 7 the BibTeX styles are all gone.

Presumably, the workaround would be to create a non-encapsulated TeX field with BibTeX command specifying database(s) and the style. Save, reopen file (didn't try but in 5.5 it would work).

I have now reverted back to 5.5 as the 6.0.2 is an unreliable prototype and a time waste at this point in time, sorry...