"parsing error" in 6.0.2 after changing Linebreak to Newline

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This can be observed in SWP 6.0.2 on Win 7 64 bit after changing Linebreak to Newline:

1. Start new document (eg blank latex)
2. Insert>Break...>Linebreak>OK
3. Select the "Linebreak" by double left clicking on the green inverted L symbol (must have View>Invisibles enabled)
4. Right click>Properties>Generalized break properties>Newline>OK

The following error text is pasted in the main document:

XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
Location: chrome://prince/content/prince.xul
Line Number 1, Column 59:

BTW the "blinking cursor" behaves inconsistently here when responding to arrow commands:

1. It is impossible to select the invisible with "Shift+LeftArrow" and/or "Shift+RightArrow" and
2. Sometimes "Shift+LeftArrow" and/or "Shift+RightArrow" makes the "blinking cursor" completely dissapear from the screen which should never happend.



("parsing error" in 6.0.2 after changing Linebreak to Newline)