serious preview bug

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6.02 on MSWin

PDF Preview

There is a major problem with PDf Preview.

Start with the Std Latex article. Note
that you can pdfPreview the document.
Now put the cursor at the end of the
text, and add a word.
At this point, pdfPreview is grayed

In order to make pdfPreview available,
I needed to switch to XML View, and
then back to Normal View. (Switching
to Source view also works). At this point
I could preview the document with the
new word added.

When the preview is over, return to
Normal view and add a second word.
Once again pdfPreview is grayed out.

Obviously something is seriously
wrong here.

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I have noticed this too with

I have noticed this too with SWP 6.0.2 on a Mac, so it is certainly not specific to Windows. It never happened to me with earlier versions of SWP 6.

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I also posted this on the

I also posted this on the beta-test forum, and I assume Barry will not mind if I reproduce his response:

[Barry] This is the first bug we found after releasing 6.0.2. It has been fixed, and 6.0.3 will not have the bug. Probably the quickest work-around is to save the file (ctrl+S, or cmd+S on the Mac). That will enable the Preview tab. After the first save, when you possibly need to name the file, the save operation should be very fast.

[pviton comment] If you don't want to save all the time, it's probably just as easy to hit the Source View tab, and then Pdf-Preview, which will then be enabled.

Barry decided that we should

Barry decided that we should update with today's build that fixes the problem with the PDF Preview tab.  There were only two changes since the previously released build, this one and a fix where characters can be deleted from the User tab of the Symbol Panel.  The version stamp was not changed, so the only indication is if the problems above have been corrected.

The newer version of 6.0.2 has been available starting at noon today, Mountain time (about a half an hour ago as this message is being created).