Version 6.0.2 released

Version 6.0.2 released

See the Trial Version Download page for the download links for Version 6.0.1.  Notice that the download file uses 6.0.2 in the file name.  If you see 6.0.0 or 6.0.1, refresh your browser.

See the Updates for Version 6 page for the list of changes to Version 6.0.2.

Updating to Version 6.0.1

Scientific Notebook

Download and run the installer for the platform you are using, Windows or Macintosh.  The installer will ask if you want to update.  Select OK.

Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word

The installer now TeX Live 2015 while the 6.0.0 installer used TeX Live 2014.  If you are updating from Version 6.0.0 be sure to install TeX Live.

If you are updating from Version 6.0.1 to Version 6.0.2 you can skip installing TeX Live.  After starting the installer, on the Select Components dialog you can turn off "TeX Live Network Install".  Use the default prompts for the rest of the installation.


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During several attempts at

During several attempts at installing on a Mac, I received an error message indicating that there was a problem with the installation of texlive.

The message included:

"/Applications/MacKichan/install-tlnet/install-tl: tlmgr --no-execute-actions paper letter failed:
/Applications/MacKichan/install-tlnet/install-tl: errors in installation reported above,
/Applications/MacKichan/install-tlnet/install-tl:exiting with bad status.
The application will exit now."

I use SWP for several years,

I use SWP for several years, almost from the start. Each newer version of the SWP was at least as good as the previous one, and most importantly - it was sufficiently compatible with the previous version. Now, for the first time I am completely disappointed with the new version of SWP 6.0, 6.01 and 6.02, because now even a very simple LaTeX files are not possible to import without errors.

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I just installed SNB 6.0.2. I

I just installed SNB 6.0.2.
I can now use Import LateX to open files created in SN 5.5.
However, there are some minor formatting bugs.
Parentheses and boxes are not automatically expanded to contain their contents, as in the original files.

The plotting bugs I mentioned previously are still present.
When I open plot properties for a Plot 2D Rectangular graph, I cannot view the original plotted expression, and when I try to drag in a second expression, the program crashes.

Don Goral