Vector Boldface when Typesetting

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I am try to get a boldface vector when typesetting a mathematical equation in SWP 6. I highlight the symbol I want to boldface and then tag it with bold. The symbol changes to a non-italic style in standard view but when I typeset the document the symbol changes to bold but remains italicized - not the desired result. I compared to what happens in SWP 5.5 and I get the desired result.

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If you're willing to use

If you're willing to use Times typesetting, you may be able to get what you want: open the attached sci file in SWP6 and see if the typeset result is what you want. Note that the idea here is a kludge, and may have unanticipated side-effects: if you find any, please let us know.

Also, this assumes that TeXLive (or whatever TeX system you're using) has installed the stix fonts: if not, you'll need to install them yourself.

Hope this helps.

On SWP 5.5, it is the "bold

On SWP 5.5, it is the "bold symbol" tag that gives the math-style boldface in equations.