Version 6.0.1 released and available for download

Version 6.0.1 released

See for the download links for Version 6.0.1.  Notice that the download file uses 6.0.1 in the file name.  If you see 6.0.0, refresh your browser.

Changes for this release

  • The installation program now installs TeX Live 2015.
  • More spell check languages are available in Windows:
    - English/United Kingdom
    - English/United States
    - German/Germany
    - Hebrew/Israel
    - Italian
    - Spanish/Mexican
    - Spanish/Spain
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts are available on non-U.S. keyboards.
  • Roman tag is now active in both math and text.
  • Improvements to importing LaTeX:
    - Custom labels on theorem-type environments imported correctly.
    - The \renewenvironment macro is handled appropriately.
    - LaTeX files with ampersands (&) in their names can be imported.

Updating from Version 6.0.0 to Version 6.0.1

Scientific Notebook

Download and run the installer for the platform you are using, Windows or Macintosh.  The installer will ask if you want to update.  Select OK.

Scientific WorkPlace and Scientific Word

The installer now uses TeX Live 2015 while the 6.0.0 installer used TeX Live 2014.

If you want to update to TeX Live 2015 and do not want both versions installed on your computer (TeX Live takes about 800MB on the disk), you should first uninstall TeX Live 2014.  Steps for uninstalling the Macintosh version are at  To uninstall on Windows, from the Start Menu find the TeX Live 2014 group and select "Uninstall TeX Live".

Download and run the installer for the program and platform you are using, Scientific Word or Scientific WorkPlace for Windows or Macintosh.

If you want to continue using TeX Live 2014 to avoid the sometimes rather long install time for TeX Live,  after starting the install program turn off the check box for "TeX Live Network Install" and substitute 2014msi where 2015msi is displayed in the subsequent directory location paths.  You can follow the default install prompts from the install program to update the program and install TeX Live 2015.