I think that this version is a beta version

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Besides the problems mentioned in other posts, other difficulties exist in editing documents.
I sincerely believe that this version is not a significant improvement over the previous one.

The Symbol toolbar not has palettes of buttons for adding symbols used for the user. There exists in the Sidebars, but we have here some problem. It is not possible delete mathematical symbols that are already included.
Initially the symbols are eliminated, but when opening and closing the SWP, deleted symbols appear again, in addition to the user-entered.

Other problem appears when double-clicking on a mathematical expression. Only a letter or symbol is selected, not all expression.

I do not understand because it is not possible to have open multiple palettes.

I think that this version is inferior to the previous version. There are serious problems for editing documents.
There are few examples of articles, theses, books, etc. It is not clear how to create new styles.

I love SWP v5.5, but unfortunately I think that is a beta version, and is not usable for serious work.

Cannot agree more. So far I

Cannot agree more. So far I am having terrible time trying to adjust to the DOWNgrade from swp 5.5 to 6.0.1. This is by far a disaster that they caused to swp 5.5. Instead of improving it, they totally crippled it. Add to this, all my old (TeX) files that were created by SWP 5.5 are not readable now (unless you go to swp 6, then "import" them, but then you lose all the comments which were added to the original file). The software is so slow (even though, bottom line, it's nothing more than a word processor). Let alone installation which takes hours. I am disappointed, to say the least.