SWP 6 & keyboard shortcuts, etc.

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I'm experimenting with SWP 6, and have a few questions. One of the things I really like with SWP 5.5, is the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse & click. See the attached figure to illustrate a couple of points:

OK -- I really like the change from Ctrl+sequence to Ctrl+Space sequence... Why? Some fragments etc. have really long names, and it is at times difficult to hold down the Ctrl key while typing all the needed letters. With SWP 6, hit Ctrl+Space, and type the name into a text box without holding down any Ctrl key, and finish by hitting Carriage Return. This is an important improvement.

1. Next, see my screen capture... In SWP 5.5, I use to typeset chemical species/atom names, etc. using the Roman font. This has (in SWP 5.5) given a greyed font in the SWP editor, and non-italic/straight appearance with non-math spacing between letters. In SWP, it doesn't seem to give any effect at all??? And... is Roman now only available in math mode?

2. Also, in SWP 5.5, there is a keyboard shortcut to enable one to type the names of tags etc. in the drop-down menus, e.g. section, subsection, etc. (Alt, T, A opens the Tag-Apply... menu).

How can I do this in SWP 6? There is a Tag menu, but unfortunately (?) not an Apply submenu...

3. In the attached screen shot: I changed the properties of the Equation Array so that lines 2 and 3 (eq. 1.3 and 1.4) were given specific keys. For some reason, this only shows up in the SWP 6 editor for line 3 (eq. 1.4). Why?

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