License file locations

Where is the license.lic file in v6?

- In all the examples below, 'SWP' may be 'SW' or 'SNB', depending on which product you have installed.
- username is the user's login name.
- xxxxxxxx is a randomly-generated string; e.g. kpa4ymkx.

On the Mac, license.lic is saved in username's profile directory:

~/Library/Application Support/SWP/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default/

On Windows, the profile directory can be different for different versions of Windows and can be different for local vs. network login. The profile directory can typically be located by using the path:


Placing the license.lic in the xxxxxxxx.default folder will license the program only for username.

If multiple usernames want to use the program on a single computer, place license.lic in the directory containing the SWP executable.

On Windows, this is usually:
(For 32-bit Windows)
C:\Program Files\MacKichan\SWP\
(For 64-bit Windows)
C:\Program Files (x86)\MacKichan\SWP\

On Mac:

These locations require admin privileges to write.