Some questions on swp V6.0

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Hi I installed the new version and I have some comments / questions. 1. I have problems with text in Roman. For example, the formule $P\in\mathrm{Ul}\left(\mathrm{Clo}\left(X\right)\right)$ can be written correctly in swp 5.5, but not in swp 6 (or I have not been able to write) 2. As I can add new latex package for use in this new version ? I need to install a latex package of the journal Algebra Universalis (Springer). In version 5.5, I have a shell to work with the style of Algebra Universalis (is a modification of ams article)). But I can do it in version 6 ? 3. How I can define a function key for introduce a superscript (and subscipt)? 4. I can use the Miktex, instead tex live?? Best Regards Sergio

1. The roman tag appears that

1. The roman tag appears that it does nothing.  We are investigating, but this will probably not be fixable until an update is released.

2. There are several steps involved in adding new shells that implement new tags.  It can be done, but not easily.

3. Since you can run associate running a script to a function key, this should be possible.  However, some research will be needed to answer this explicitly.

4. This should be possible by pointing to the MiKTeX installation when installing SW.

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Will we receive instructions

Will we receive instructions on how to implement new tags (answer 2) both in the front and main matter?

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Hello There is some news


There is some news about the questions I did in the previous message ?
Particularly important is the problem with Roman text.
I realize the following steps. First I write in mathematical mode, for example Clop(X). So, selected this text and then I select the font roman. But nothing changes. But, if for example I select bolsymbols, the text change correctly.
This is a bug ? or I am proceeding incorrectly? Please, need some feedback on these issue.

Thank very much


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This is a bug which we have

This is a bug which we have fixed. The updated program will be available later today.