Need a help please


I have some questions about scientific work place 5.5:

1. How to create a table of contents?

2. How to add text on the graphic?

3. How to put different coulors on one curve of a graphic?

4. How to create an axe (of a graphic) with an arrow?

Thank you in advance!


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1. To add a table of contents

1. To add a table of contents to your document, choose Typeset, Front Matter, and apply the Make TOC tag on a separate line of the front matter. You may want to choose Help, Search and search for Front Matter to learn more about this dialog.

2. To add text to a plot, revise the plot, go to the View page, click Plot Labels, click Add Item, and you can specify the location and contents of your text. Note that only text is supported. Math is not.

3. To change to color of a curve, revise the plot, go to the Items Plotted page, select the function associated with the curve, and change the Plot color. If you want to have only a portion of the curve use a different color, then you can click Add Item, enter the expression that defines the curve, select the color, click Variables, Intervals, and Automation, and enter the interval that will use the new color.

4. To add an arrow to the axes, revise the plot, go to the Axes page, and check Axes tips.