Front matter: Several authors with shared affiliations

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I am using Scientific Word 5.5 and RevTex 4.1 and I am trying to put partially shared affiliations for the authors. I want to look it like this:
Author1 (1,2,3), Author2 (2,4), Author3 (4,5), Author4 (6)
1) Affiliation1
2) Affiliation2
So that all the authors are listed first, marked with the numbers and then all the affiliations
To do so I put tags Author and Affiliation like this:
(tag) Author: Author1
(tag) Affiliation: Affiliation1
(tag) Affiliation: Affiliation2
(tag) Affiliation: Affiliation3
(tag) Author: Author2
(tag) Affiliation: Affiliation2
(tag) Affiliation: Affiliation4
and so on.
Unfortunately, affiliations are then listed after every single author.

Any ideas how to do this properly?

It's up to the typesetting

It's up to the typesetting specification to format the front matter items.  The REVTeX typesetting specification does have a class option, superscriptaddress, that uses superscripts.  Enter the front matter elements just as you describe, then use Typeset, Options and Packages, the Package Options tab and choose the Modify button.  From the Category "Authors and Addresses" select the Option "List all authors in a single list".

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Thank you George! It worked.

Thank you George!
It worked. But I found it in Class Options, not in the Package Options.

You're right, Class Options. 

You're right, Class Options.  Sorry for the mistake, I think I type "Package Options" more often and I went into autotype mode.