math-mode dagger missing

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SWP 5.5, Build 2960 on win7-64-bit

It looks to me as if a superscripted dagger (\dag) in mathtimes' math mode (eg $T^{\dag }$) does not print the dagger. If you change the math-mode dagger to text-mode, then it's OK. This happens for both dvi and pdf. With the dc (Computer Modern) fonts there's no problem.

Has anyone else seen this, and is there a suggested fix? This does not occur under Win XP.

I'm not able to duplicate the

I'm not able to duplicate the problem (using Windows 7, 64-bit).  To investigate further, post a sample document and the .log file from the compile and then I can try to find what's different for me.  Also, is this true when compiling for DVI, PDF, or both?

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I'm attaching,

I'm attaching, which has a small test file, its log and its dvi. I hope you can figure out what the problem is.

It's the noTS1 option to

It's the noTS1 option to mathtime that causes the problem (I just used default options when I had tested).  So, you could either remove this option, or if compiling for PDF use mathptmx instead of mathtime.