transport latex to a forum

Is there a way to directly transfer text and equations from an SW document into an anline forum, so I don't have to write equations, online, again, using Latex? The equationsare already in Latex within my document. is what these folks want.

If I could copy and paste, it would save a lot of time.


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I opened and Scientific

I opened and Scientific WorkPlace (Word) document in a text editor (for example, Notepad), copied a mathematical expression, pasted it into the site you posted, and clicked the submit button. The site rendered the expression correctly. I did not have much success with copied items that contained text and math although I think the following expression rendered correctly:
&&\mathbb{E}[\ln L_{c}(\mathbf{\xi |}Y,\mathbf{X},Z)] \\
\text{ \ \ \ } &=&\underset{\text{binary regression component of
_{Z}(\{2,4,5,6,8,10\})_{i}\ln f(\mathbf{X}_{i};\mathbf{\beta }%
)+\tsum\nolimits_{i}^{n}\mathbb{P}_{Z}(\{1,3,7,9\})_{i}\ln (1-f(\mathbf{X}%
_{i};\mathbf{\beta }))}} \notag \\
&&+n_{A}\ln \lambda _{1}^{T}+\tsum\nolimits_{i}^{n}\mathbb{P}%
_{Z}(\{1,3\})_{i}\ln \lambda _{0}^{T}+\tsum\nolimits_{i}^{n}\mathbb{P}%
_{Z}(\{7,9\})_{i}\ln (1-\lambda _{0}^{T}) \notag \\
&&\underset{\text{categorical component of log-likelihood}}{\underbrace{%
\text{ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ }+\tsum\nolimits_{i}^{n}\mathbb{%
P}_{Z}(\{2,4\})_{i}\ln \lambda _{1}^{L}+\tsum\nolimits_{i}^{n}\mathbb{P}%
_{Z}(\{8,10\})_{i}\ln (1-\lambda _{1}^{T}-\lambda _{1}^{L})}} \notag

Using copy/paste would at

Using copy/paste would at best give you the internal representation from SW, which is LaTeX-like, but not LaTeX for certain objects.  Only when saving the the .tex file will the final LaTeX be available.  Save using the Portable LaTeX file type to avoid including macros that are defined in tcilatex.tex.  See Using mathematics in a caption or other TeX field for a description of this general technique.

That DOES work well! I just

That DOES work well!
I just have to learn a few tweaks for the equations. The text is easy to add. This will save a lot of time!!

Thanks Tom!!!

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Glad to help.

Glad to help.