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I am formatting my dissertation using LSU thesis shell. But my graduate school requires appendix (and reference) to follow a cover page and the page for this cover page should appear in the table of contents. On the cover page, I need to type "Appendix" centered, top to bottom. Would some one please let me know how to do this? Thank you.

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You can try adding the

You can try adding the commands
in a TeX field. These commands require the appendix package. You can learn more about them by navigating to

For the references you might try

You may need to do more tweaking to get exactly what you need.

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Thank you for the link. But I

Thank you for the link. But I still have trouble implementing these commands. Would you please give me more help?

I tried the commands including \appendixpage, in a Tex field. But it does not work. I got an error message "undefined control sequence". Same thing happened for the command \addappheadtotoc.
I am doing this on the LSU theses shell. Are these commands not usable in LSU theses shell? The version of the software is 5.5 (2960).

Also, I tried the following commands for the bibliography to create a heading page:
but these do not seem to work either. It just types '(part:)* Bibloigraphy' at the right top of the page. Also, in the TOC the entry name shows as 'Bibliography33' without showing the page number in the right place. (33 is the page number, though)

Thank you for your time.

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Did you remember to actually

Did you remember to actually add the appendix package? In the preamble:


I can't think of any other reason you'd be seeing the undefined control sequence message (except for a typo).

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\usepackage{appendix} is

\usepackage{appendix} is missing in the preambles for the LSU shell.
But putting the sentence does not make any change.

The LSU Thesis shell is a

The LSU Thesis shell is a Style Editor document.  It doesn't look like the appendix package is compatible with Style Editor typesetting specifications (pretty much expected).  You would either want to make your own custom Style Editor style (starting from the existing one), or switch over to some non-Style Editor typesetting specification.

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I see. Thank you for your

I see. Thank you for your advice.