caption to the imported figure

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I would like to add the below caption to a figure.

\floatfoot{\textbf{Notes:} Fig 1. National and regional-specific factors and excess credit reallocation, 1983--2013. The solid lines depict the median and dotted lines delineate 33% and 66% quantiles for the posterrior distribution for the national and region-specific factors (scale on the left Y-axis). The dash lines represent national or regional excess reallocation of total credit (scale on the right Y-axis). The shaded area correspond to recessions. }

But when I added it, this caption does not appear.

And the following texts are center aligned.

How can I fix this?

I searched the TCITeX\TeX

I searched the TCITeX\TeX directory for "floatfoot" and could not find anything.  This must be from some package that you have added.  Sorry, but there isn't any information I can offer to help with this.

You can try comp.text.tex, but you will probably need a complete sample document that shows what you are doing.

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So usually How can I add the

So usually How can I add the caption to the bottom of a figure?

After using File, Import

After using File, Import Picture to add your graphics to the document, revise the graphics (use Edit, Properties with the cursor to the right of the graphics) to open the Graphics Properties dialog.  Use the Labeling tab where you can add your Caption Text.

For more detailed steps, use Help, Search, find the index entry "captions" and then view the topic "for graphics".

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That works! But "Figure 1:"

That works! But "Figure 1:" appears in front of a caption. How can I erase it?

Automatic caption numbering

Automatic caption numbering is provided by the typesetting specification for floating graphics.  You can change the graphics type to displayed.  LaTeX will no longer move the graphics around and it will appear in the flow of text in the typeset results just as in the edit window.  Also, captions for displayed graphics will not appear in the list of tables.