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I am facing a problem to include more than 24 authors (Database Files - Selection) when I am trying to select the authors from my BibTeX directory.
Is there any constraint to include more than 24 authors?

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Do you mean 24 authors for a

Do you mean 24 authors for a single entry?  There might be a field length limit, but offhand I'm not sure.  Seeing the .bib file would be helpful.

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Hello! Thanks for your

Hello! Thanks for your message!
Yes! It happens that if I put 30 authors in a single entry. The program just consider the first 24. I am not sure if there is something I can do. Do you have any idea.


I found a reference in

I found a reference in comp.text.tex that BibTeX line lengths are limited to 950 characters.  It looked like the reference was to the BibTeX source.  Check the .blg file for the exact message, which might indicate the limit and maybe if it is a BibTeX limit or a .bst limit.

You can try removing the first couple of names in the .bib file and see if the results indicate a line limit or a number of names limit.  You can also try substituting the first couple of names with very short names and compare results to infer the limit.

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Hello George, Thanks again

Hello George,

Thanks again for your assistance!

I have tried to reduce the name of the .bib, however, even doing this procedure I could not include more references. I have also check the .blg file and apparently there is any warning, or message indicating that I have reached the limit.
Any other recommendation?


One of the comp.text.tex

One of the comp.text.tex posts suggested using an \input statement to bypass the BibTeX text line limit.  Not having tried this myself, it would look something like:

  author = {\input{c:/swp55/tcitex/bibtex/bib/authorlist.tex}}

This assumes you place the authors in the file authorlist.tex in the specified directory.  Notice that forward slashes are required to separate the directory names.  I don't know how this will work with BibTeX author sorting, so you may have to put the first three or so authors in the author field and then have the rest in the input file.  This also assumes that the BibTeX bibliography style lists all of the author names and doesn't just list the first three or four and then "et al."