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Change title of typeset "Index"

 How can I change the title of the typeset "Index"? Thank you.

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Justify a piece of text

Hello everybody, my question is: How can i justify a piece of text, both the left and right sides?.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


shortcut key ombinations to mathematical symbols

I know some from swp's documents, but not all. I wonder where I can find a complete list of the shortcut keys for all the mathematical symbols, and mathematical operation symbols, that will definitely speedup input of formulas, thanks!

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html output - skipping environments

Is it possible for users add to htmlout.dat something that would allow you to skip the contents of an environment when producing html from swp5? Looking through htmlout.dat, I think I can see how to do this with a command; but I don't see how to handle environments.  What I'm looking for is that if something like the following appeared in the tex file:



stuff ...

more stuff ...



there should be nothing generated in the html file.


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Scientific workplace in 64 bits


i want to know if SWP 5 version runs well on windows 7 pro 64



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How to save in standard Latex format without "normalsize" tags

Hi all,
I sometimes send a Latex 'tex' file to a friend to edit. He uses Scientific Word (I use another Latex editor), and when he sends the tex file back, the tex file is full of "\normalsize" tags. These tags make it less easy to read and edit, and they also seem to change the text formatting when compiling.

Basically, theach paragraph/figure/table is now enclosed with a tag like this:

{\normalsize [...text_of_paragraph...] }


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Change Arrow of axis?

I see SW's arrow of axis is big. Can we change its style?

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i m bigenner

i m just too bignner , i wont to have a videos to introduce me in workplace specialy to write a scientific article .

thanks a lot

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Index Entry

 When I compile PDF, I have problem that TrueTEX messages reported "Run LaTeX-PDG-TCIMAKEINDEX: no such .ini section". Therefore, I can't create the index entry in my book.

P/s: If I compile PDF normally (not check "Generate an Index"), It'll be well.

Help me, please! Thanks you.

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Table of contents problem


I create a Table of Contents with a List of Tables and a List of Figures. The problem is that the List of Tables and the List of Figures are listed with the wrong page in the Table of Contents.

For example the List of Tables in the generated pdf starts at page vii but in the Table of Contents it is reported at page vi.

How can this be?

The rest of the content and the figures and tables themselves are listed in the Table of Content in their correct page.

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