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Where to install ctable

 I was wondering if anyone can guide as to where the ctable package from ctan should be placed (after it is unzipped).


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Problems with Table of Conents


I use swp5 and have a  problem with the table of contents. I used the MakeTOC Tag in the Front Matter and the Table of contents is produced correct, but now I tried to have a page break after the table of contents and this does not work. For the page break I inserted a break after the MakeTOC Tag in the Front matter, but there is no change in the pdf output. The body text still starts right after the last line of the contents. What can I do?

Thanks for your help.


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tensor algbra

Does anyone know of any "tensor algebra" (Riemannian geometry) type add-on for Scientific Workplace?  Thanks!

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Inputting files.

Hi.  When I use the TeX input command. I get an error that the file can't be found.

Similarly when I use the lstinputlisting command from the listsings.sty package, I get an error message that the file can't be found.

I suspect that this is because SWP likes to copy the main .tex file and any needed graphics files over to a temporary directory and compiles them there.

Either I need to persuade SWP not to copy anything and work in place. Or I have to persuade it to copy over all the adjunct files that are needed for compilation.

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Unable to compile a template document from the SVMULT document class package


I'm using SW 5.5 and my work requires that I use the attached SVMULT document class package. I downloaded the package and saved it to my sw55 -->TCITex-->Tex-->LaTex subdirectory. I then opened the author TeX template document in SW using the File --> Non-SWP/SW LaTex command, which worked albeit with a few warnings (if I just open the template as I would any other SW document the whole program crashes). The document does not compile and I can't preview it. Can you help me out?



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SWP start

This is weird.

I used to be able to click on the tex file in windows file folder and it opens in swp 5.0.

Now, it gives me an error and the only way to open the file is to go from within swp and open the file.

can you tell me what is it that supposed to be under "target" in the "properties" of the "swp shortcut" on the desktop?



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BibTeX style field is empty, cannot add styles, can only cancel out of the dialog


When I open the BibTeX Bibliography Properties, the styles panel is empty.  I can only cancel out of the dialog box - I cannot press OK.

This is a recent problem.  I have not done any software installation or modification in years.





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Change font style of typeset document


I am using the book style but I really do not like the typeset font style. Unfortunately, I do not know and could not find out how to change it. How and where can I change the typeset font style - and find out what the style is used as default?


Many thanks,


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How to break line in the text inside a column of the table?


I am using SWP 5.5 running on Windows.

Does anyone know how to break line in the text inside a column of the table?


Thanks in advance,


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