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Uk Dissertation/Thesis

Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good shell for a dissertation/thesis to use for UK universities. So far, the only hurdle I can see to using SW or SWP for mine is that I am required to have a References section for citations and a Bibliography section for books that were just used for general reading. In SW/SWP it looks like there is just a Bibliography section which then becomes called a References section when typeset. Will I need to vreate custom tags to create this feature?

otherwise, looks pretty damn powerful.


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\ref versus \eqref

Is there any way of using the \eqref tag instead of the \ref tag in SWP5.5? When the amsmath package is loaded it still uses \ref when using INSERT/TYPESET OBJECT/CROSS REFERENCE.



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Hi.  I'm having trouble adding a new "verbatim" environment to by CST file.   The problem is that it does not save properly.  When I save as portable LaTeX there is no \begin or \end command.  I've also had trouble saving as a SW/SWP file, but problem is not consistently reproducible.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Attached are the .cst file, a screen shot, and the result of saving as a portable LaTeX file.

Below is an excerpt from the .cst.

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marginnote installation


I have reinstalled my computer, with win 7, and use some extra packages, and got problems with marginnote. The error message is trying to preview my document is:

package marginnote error: seems you are not running e-tex

This happens even if I run truetex on marginnote.ins. Anyone knows what to do?







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Footnotes in display box

Is it possible to insert footnotes in a display box? There is text not mathematics in the box, but I would like to leave the text in the display box so that it comes underneath a series of equations. Scientific word lets me insert the footnote but then it doesn't show up in the pdf file.  Any suggestions pleasE?

Thank you very much. 

Formatting TOC

Hi All,

I am trying to format my Table of contents as follows:

                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

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Figures in description list item aren't seen in the same place in pdf file

 I am writing  10 questions with the tag "description list item". My questions include both text and figure. I am using wrapfig package to be aligned text and figure side by side (or in a same row) .  When I use tag ""description list item" to write question number, after typesettingdocument, figure goes far below the text of question( to the end of paper, i.e., after 10th question). But If I don't use any tag, it works well, i.e., it alignes text and figure of question.

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problem of setting body text point size

Hi all,

I am wondering how to change the body text point size if Thesis(Harvard thesis)template is used. As there is no option for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Producing an arc over AB in SWP 5.5

There was an earlier post on this by George, I think, but I couldn't find it.  I've attached a SWP .tex file that works for me.  Instructions are in the file.

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Derivative of cc Bessel function wrong?

If one takes derivative of a complex conjugated Bessel function [say, BesselJ0(x)* ] then one gets a strange result -- the BesselJ1(x) with minus sign is multiplied (!?) by BesselJ0(x)*  (see attachment).

Either the engine makes the mistake or I have missed someting...  

Try the operation and say give your diagnosis....

I use SWP 5.50 Build 2960


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