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Table of contents problem


I create a Table of Contents with a List of Tables and a List of Figures. The problem is that the List of Tables and the List of Figures are listed with the wrong page in the Table of Contents.

For example the List of Tables in the generated pdf starts at page vii but in the Table of Contents it is reported at page vi.

How can this be?

The rest of the content and the figures and tables themselves are listed in the Table of Content in their correct page.

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100% CPU Load

Hi, I use Scientific Word on Windows 7 SP1 and have the 100% CPU usage problem.

Haven't you found a solution for this Problem, yet? It is really annoying!

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How to include code not to be processedby SW? html.sty not there


This is SW 5.5 on windows. I use Latex2html to process my latex files generated by SW. However, I need to include html.sty package in order to use some commands for latex2html own purposes.

I normally write



latex command here which is meant for Latex2html only \end{htmlonly}

Since SW does not come with html.sty, when I end doing is comment all the above lines before I run the document by SW. Then when I want to run the document by Latex2html, I uncomment the lines again, and run it there.

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Smart board

Has anyone used Scientific WorkPlace (or Notebook) with smart boards?

Tom Price 

Wrong calculation

SWP solves incorrectly


It gives the solution x=1, but the left side of the equation is not defined in x=1

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Graphics in subdocuments don´t appear at all in masterdocument pdf file


I use SWP 5.5 on a Windows XP machine.
I want to create a master document, named Diss.
The master document has several subdocuments. I use ''import content'' for the subdocuments, since I have the content for each subdocument created as a normal document (here: NormalDocument1).
The graphics from the NormalDocument1 are saved in the same directory as the Masterdocument and the subdocument "doc1".

Roman numerals between chapters, Arabic numerals within chapters

I'll be easier, I think, to give an example of what I want. I'd like the body of my dissertation to have this appearance:



1.1 Notation


1.2 Some Definitions



More Content

2.1 General Overview


2.2 Specific Overview


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Theorem - Non-English

 Hi, I'm a Vietnamese user. When I use Theorem tag, it displays "Theorem" (English). I want it display "Định lý" (Vietnamese) on PDF, so I open Preamble to modify code. However, I can't replace "Theorem" by "Định lý" because It can't be typed or pasted rightly (Unicode problem, maybe). How can I do it?

Thank you.

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I am aligning two figures next to each other, each one with their separate captions.  But when I preview pdf the figures do not show up in the list of figures.

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Error message

After working on a document and saving it, I tried opening it the next day and received the following error message:

XML Parsing Error: Location: file://///.psf/Home/Documents/work/energy%20markets/Diesel%20and%20Gasol... Line Number 2, Column 1:

<?xml-stylesheet href="css/my.css" type="text/css"?> ^

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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