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Theorem - Non-English

 Hi, I'm a Vietnamese user. When I use Theorem tag, it displays "Theorem" (English). I want it display "Định lý" (Vietnamese) on PDF, so I open Preamble to modify code. However, I can't replace "Theorem" by "Định lý" because It can't be typed or pasted rightly (Unicode problem, maybe). How can I do it?

Thank you.

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I am aligning two figures next to each other, each one with their separate captions.  But when I preview pdf the figures do not show up in the list of figures.

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Error message

After working on a document and saving it, I tried opening it the next day and received the following error message:

XML Parsing Error: Location: file://///.psf/Home/Documents/work/energy%20markets/Diesel%20and%20Gasol... Line Number 2, Column 1:

<?xml-stylesheet href="css/my.css" type="text/css"?> ^

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I am a complete novice when it comes to LaTEX. I would like to install RevTEX 4.1 and all its accompanying files so I can use it with the Scientific Workplace 5.5...Can someone please give me complete and detailed instructions on how to do that?

Thanks in advance.

Jim Meyer

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Space below a graphic

 Hi, im having problems with the captions of the figures im using in my thesis, the problem is that i don't know how to modify the space between the caption text and the figure, because the space is pretty much, i want to reduce it, how can i do it?, my figures are inline not floating. Any suggestion would be really appreciated. Another question would be how to justify or center the caption of the figure when the figure is inline not floating?.


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Is there something like needspace.sty for SWP?  (I tried dropping it into the .tex file's directory, added it to packages, and ran SWP, but then SWP just waited forever.)






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Text tag

 Hi everybody, i would like to know wether one can apply double  text tags to the same piece of text, i have done it, that is, to have a piece of text in typewriter mode and in large mode, i don´t remember how i did it, so then i think it is possible to apply at least to text tags to the same piece of text. If someone knows how to do it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Chopping off the end of my file--no error message

Scientific Word is chopping off the end of one of my files. I know this because I opened up the .tex document in another program and all of my text is still there. But in Scientific Word, everything after a certain point has been chopped off.

this is a dissertation, so it's lengthy. I'm using the default Article class, and I have lots of figures. Is there some sort of maximum file size beyond which Scientific Word truncates?

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table of contents for each chapter


I'm writing my thesis.

I have already a table of contents for the whole document but how can I make a table of contents for each chapter.

I have searched and I found the instruction \minitoc (a latex instruction) but it didn't work.

I'm waiting for your help.

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collaboration with latex2e

Dear SWP and LaTeX experts---

some of the more tex-nically experienced folks on our team are using latex itself (on OSX and linux machines), others are using SWP (on Windows machines).

now, we would like to typeset a latex version of our collaborative document with some style files and features that are not available in SWP.  Trying to talk to the non-texnical folks about installing style files (doublespace, mathastext) and other fonts (ptmx) is hopeless.

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