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Modifying section tags


I'm trying to change some of the properties on the sections tag. e.g. making the "Section" tag centered when you print it or have it surrounded by a blue-green box like the "Heading 2" in a Notebook doc. 

I'we been looking a while, and I have been able to change some properties in the Tag -> Appearance window. But it only seems to change the properties when I am using the program, and not when I compile it to a pdf.

Is there a way this can be done?

Tnx :)

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Typesetting .eps files

I am having trouble with .eps figures in my document. Certain features of the figure, such as the title, do not typeset properly. I am using SWP5.5 and have tried using the dvips option of the graphicx package as explained in the support document ##248: Problem with EPS Files (Use the dvips Option with the graphicx Package). However, this does not solve the problem.

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filtration F

 I would like to write a super curly F as in measure space(omega, F).

How can I do that?

The styles I can find in the dropdown box such as sans self etc. are not what I am looking for.



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Tables - results

 Hi all,

I am facing a little problem that I hope it can be fixed easily. I am using tables through import fragment to report results. While I need the caption for tables numbers and titles,  I still have to add table notes below the tables themselves. I am not sure how to go about that,  I have already tried many ways and was not successful . I am also using sideways table and tabularx.

Could you please let me know how could I add notes to the tables?


Thank you in advance for your response.



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Recognizing sentence ending

All the recent talk of double space vs. single space between sentences has made me very smug to be a LaTeX user.

However I just realized that, while LaTeX makes it easy to do the right thing, there is at least one case that SW makes difficult.

In LaTeX, if I end a sentence with  '.'' ' (a period followed by two ticks and a space), LaTeX will recognize that this is the end of a sentence. However, SW saves this as '.\textquotedblright\ ', which fools LaTeX into not recognizing the end of the sentence.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

Use Foxit Reader instead of Acrobat Reader as your PDF viewer/printer program

The following should work to allow adding Foxit Reader as the PDF viewer/printer program for use with SW.

To set Foxit Reader as the PDF previewer program:

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Calligraphic font / calrsfs

Many TeX/LaTeX users are unhappy with the standard calligraphic font. Two packages (calrsfs and mathrsfs) are commonly used to overcome this problem by providing the Ralph Smith (rsfs) fonts. These are not provided by Scientific Word 5x.

Has anyone successfully installed one of these packages into SW (preferably calrsfs) or found another way around the calligraphic font limitation? I am running SW5 under Win 7 X 64.

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new environment (cst question)

if I take a cst file and add in the filters section


and then add a section as follows

Font style times!

Hello everyone,

I use scientific WorkPlace version 5 to write papers that contain both text and mathematics. I have added the following packages: amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, eurosym, harvard,setspace, footmisc, color, geometry and caption. My problem:

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Saving documents

 I use ScientificWorkPlace 3 in XPpro for long time. I had to re install it. I can create documents, but when i try to save, le software closes and the document is lost! What can I do?


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