Tailoring SWP document?

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I'm working on a research application with strict restrictions on the project description document. (Strict: the applications is thrashed if it doesn't fullfil the restrictions...). I know how to handle *most* of the restrictions using SWP, but the following remains:
* Literature list -- may be 9 pt instead of the requried 12 pt for body size. How do I do that?? (I can *not* use e.g. 8.5 pt!!!).

Due to space limitations (max 10 pages), I *may* need to rotate text in horisontal table headings -- how? I most likely would like to reduce the separation of bibitems, bullet items, etc., etc.

What is possible of the above?

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Thanks, John! This worked

Thanks, John! This worked perfectly.

OK -- there is still unnecessarily space around headlines and between bibitems... I probably need to tighten this space, too...

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As a last resort, you can try

As a last resort, you can try using the savetrees package, available at


The final typeset appearance is generally less than professional, but it does do a good job of maximising the space available on a page.

Note that to create an .sty file from the files available from CTAN, run the TrueTeX Formatter as a standalone application. Choose the *.ins file as the file to compile. This should generate an .sty file which should be placed into a subfolder of your \TCITeX\TeX\ folder. 

To add the package to your document, choose Typesest, Options and Packages, Package Options, Go Native, and add


to the list of available packages.



The TeX FAQ offers

The TeX FAQ offers information about reducing the space between bibliography items:  Reducing spacing in the bibliography

Modifying the spacing around division headings is usually not too straighforward.  One solution would be to investigate the titlesec package.  Otherwise you would need to replace the default macro definitions for the division headings with your own where the spacing around the headings is modified.

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If you add the paralist

If you add the paralist package to your document, then the extra spacing between list items and bibliography items should be removed.

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Using the scaelfnt package as

Using the scaelfnt package as described at http://www.mackichan.com/techtalk/517.htm should allow you to typeset part of your document using a 9pt font size.

If you need to rotate a table and its caption, you can add the rotating package and place your table in a sidewaystable environment as described at