problem to install 4.1 with 5.5 RevTEX scientific work

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I want to install 4.1 with 5.5 RevTEX scientific work ...
I followed these instructions, but then I have several problems when compiling in scientific work program.

Error while attempting to execute
"C:\user\....\filename.dvi " -d 0 0-1 -1


REVTeX 4-1 shell and support

REVTeX 4-1 shell and support files are now available for download. The self-extracting executable revtex4-1.exe contains the new shell "REVTeX 4-1" that will appear in the Articles shell directory after you expand the contents of the download into your SW install directory. Be sure to overwrite existing files when prompted. The download also includes the REVTeX 4-1 typesetting specification files and an update to the natbib package that was released to support REVTeX 4-1.

My interpretation of the

My interpretation of the error is that it is unrelated to REVTeX.  Can you compile for DVI any document?  Use File, New, select from the Standard LaTeX directory the Standard LaTeX Article shell (not the blank one) and then use Typeset, Preview.  Does this work or give the same error.  If the same error, it implies that the TrueTeX Previewer is missing and you should reinstall the program and use the repair option that will be available.