A co-author embeds the fourier.sty file in our document. When I try to compile it, I get an error message "fourier.sty not found". I like the way the document looks when compiled with it and I'd like to be able to get SWP to do it for me (so I don't have to keep relying on my co-author to compile files or worse, send me PDFs by email). In short, how do I get this to work on SWP?

The fourier package that uses

The fourier package that uses forier.sty is on CTAN at  This package adds us­ing Utopia fonts.  Any packages that add fonts can be difficult to impossible to use with the LaTeX system included with SW.  In many cases it's easier to just install TeX Live and compile your document using TeX Live rather than TrueTeX.

To add fonts for use by TrueTeX the fonts must be available as TrueType fonts.  Since the fonts are Adobe fonts, they are not available as TrueType so you would not be able to use this package to compile for DVI.  It may be possible to use this package when compiling for PDF.  See for the steps to add fonts when compiling for PDF.  The referenced discusion gives the steps needed to add fonts that are used by the yhmath package.  The same steps should work for the fourier package, but details would be different.  The yhmath package just adds fonts for some special purposes, so there may be other considerations needed to implement the fourier-GUT package.

Installing TeX Live, or just relying on your coauthor may be preferred.