EPS files are changed by .rap

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Having problems. A co-author is emailing me .rap documents with figures embedded. She tells me that they are .eps files, well leabelled ad Figure1.eps, etc. When the document arrives, and I open it up with sci word 5.5, the attaches figures are now .wmf files with random numbers.
I can see the files okay in the sci word environment. But in reality they are not .eps files. When I try to print these files to .eps, noting comes out. Same is I use any convert program, I am told that the .wmf files are corrupted. Similarly if I read the document into .lyx, the program cannot convert them.

Any idea why or if opening .rap program, or using the .rap program, converts the .eps files to .wmf? Most journals, as many of you might know, only accept .eps files with submission.

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The wrap/unwrap process only

The wrap/unwrap process only converts from binary to ASCII and back again so binary files can be sent by a process that accepts only ASCII files.  This is less important now that it was when the program was first created, but the wrap process is still valuable in that it bundles the .tex and any graphic files together into the single .rap file.  No other type of conversion is done (and no conversion to a different graphics file format).

Maybe the graphics are being added to the original document using copy/paste rather than File, Import Picture.  That's the only explanation I can think of that would claim that the files were originally .eps but they are now .wmf.