"Can't find Postcript Printer"

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I switched from XP to Widnows 7, and things stopped working. Oen error is :

"Can't find Postcript Printer."

And the WMF2EPS printer driver which came with SW50 is not accepted. I just placed an order for Scietific Workplace 5.5 (upgrade from 5.). My figure files are also not recognized anymore.

Is there any PDF version which is not supported by SW5.0 (or 5.5)?


See http://www.wolf-s.homepage.t-online.de/wmf2eps/win7.htm for information about wmf2eps and Windows 7.  I haven't tried this myself.

Not sure why "figure files are also not recognized anymore".  In what way?  Are you seeing particular error messages?  Is it related to the wmf2eps conversion?

The newest Version 5.5 build includes an update to pdflatex that recognizes, as far as I know, the newest PDF version.  The older version of pdflatex did not allow including newer PDF files (PDF version 1.6, if I remember correctly).

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This is what got. I suspect

This is what got. I suspect my Adobe 7 is the problem, and I was unable to locate PDF driver 1.6 to work with my SW5.0. I ordered 5.5 yesterday, and I hope that solves the problem.

Implicit mode ON; LaTeX internals redefined
*hyperref using default driver hpdftex*
TCILATEX Macros for Scientific Word 5.0 <13 Feb 2003>.
NOTICE: This macro file is NOT proprietary and may be freely copied and distrib
) (./swp0000.aux)
(./swp0000.out) (./swp0000.out)

LaTeX Warning: File `Figures/figc5f2.pdf' not found on input line 53.

Error: pdflatex.exe (file Figures/figc5f2.pdf): cannot find image file
 ==> Fatal error occurred, the output PDF file is not finished!
[pdfLaTeX finished]