Figure linking -- relative address?

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Sorry for this stupid question...
* I tend to put figures for a document in a sub-directory named "figs"; the sub-directory is located in the same directory as the document.
* I always thought this gave relative address of the linked files, in other words: if I move the directory of the document + subdirectory, that the link would still be to the file in subdirectory "figs"...
* Because I have major problems with SkyDrive under Windows 8.1 (the files do not sync... I've been told due to a Windows Search problem on my laptop), I have to move my files around a little bit.
* This creates lots of problems. Contrary to my belief, it seems like the linked figures are the *original figures*, i.e. not in the subdirectory "figs", but that the links are hard-coded to the original location of the figures. Thus, if I move the files in SkyDrive to another location, restore my computer, including all my files in SkyDrive, the links are broken.

-- Is my understanding correct?
-- Is there a setting that can be made so that the address becomes relative?
-- Do I have to change this setting *before* I move the documents/files/directories?