Answer Notes don't all appear as hyperlinks in html

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I created a tex document consisting of 5 questions with each solution appearing in an AnswerNote.

When I export it as HTML only the first 2 Notes are hyperlinks.  The other 3 are simply pretty pictures.

All 5 AnswerNotes have htlm files.

Has anyone any idea why only 2 of the notes became hyperlinks?


Is html actually what I need?  The Open University in the UK has a freely accessible course on the web which looks terrible. The mathematics is obviously pasted in from somewhere else, and is out of allignement with the text and other mathematics.  I am suggesting to the OU that they produce this material using SWP.  In their existing sites student can conceal or reveal answers so this is obviously a facility they require.  I don't know how they will react to the suggestion that everyone wanting to access this material should install Scientific Viewer, and that is why I experimented with html and saving the mathematics as graphics.

BTW, does Scientific Viewer contain the reference material?  If it does, then I will have more chance of persuading the Open University that users of the math sites should use SV.