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Does anyone believe there

Does anyone believe there will ever be a version 6 of SWP?

No. Actually from what I saw


Actually from what I saw in the screencast it looked more like version 5.6, but at this point I'd take anything. No real information from the screencast that any of the major bugs/features have been addressed. Seemed like a lot of it was adding secondary features, ok but not necessary or compelling. My guess is that the principal effort has been to make it cross-platform. Oh yeah, the last screencast was over a year ago, I'm not holding my breath about being kept updated ... overall a lamentable situation.

PS I haven't been with the company for 25 years since T3 days like some others, just over 20 years from the version 2.0(?) days. The only significant change for me has been the addition of portable latex in version 3.5, the rest was in the noise.

Yes.  See the screencast, it

Yes.  See the screencast, it was done on a Macintosh.

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About two weeks ago, ~mid

About two weeks ago, ~mid December, I emailed MacKichan asking when SWP v6.0 would be coming out, being 'overdue' by years. I was told they have no information on this.
From a very disappointed user who has been with the Company for perhaps 25 years - even in its T3 days!

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Hello, Indeed, I too go

Indeed, I too go back to T3 and have used SWP 5.50 for years and am still using Build 2960 every day for both research and class notes. I see advantages for me in 6.0 - I have worked with it but do not use it on a regular basis.
Yes, it is overdue for release, but I would much rather have a solid build from the start and 5.50 is still a solid version, which I am comfortable using for all word processing except for proposals for which I am pretty much confined to Word by my collaborators.
Happy New year, and that SWP v6.0 surfaces this year - I will quickly purchase a copy!

Jay Mann

Barry MacKichan will be at

Barry MacKichan will be at the Allied Social Science Associations 2014 Annual Meetings, Philadelphia, PA, January 3 - 5, 2014 and Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, MD, January 15 - 18, 2014.  We will be showing Version 6 at these meetings.

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I like SWP 6.0 Ireneusz

I like SWP 6.0


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Any news on the new version

Any news on the new version of SWP 6 ? Been a long time since the last news.