BibTex error message

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When I recently tried to compile a SWP 5.5 manuscript using BibTex, the following message appeared:
C:\SWP55\TCITex\Web2c\BibTex.exe c:/SWP55/Docs/SWP0000:
CreateProcess[]failed, GetLastError[]=2
The above message appeared twice (with only 1 citation call). Of course the process failed to produce a bibliography. I may have done something horrid to BibTeX.exe . when I turned on my computer, the AVAST virus detector screamed about BibTex.exe. I clicked, hoping to make the error go away, but I may have made BibTex.exe go away instead. Any suggestions short of reinstalling the SWP5.5 program to reclaim my BibTex capability?
Thank you in advance for your kind answers.
Jim Meyer

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My suggestion would be to

My suggestion would be to tell the virus checker that bibtex.exe is OK and should be excluded from virus scanning: presumably there's a way to to this within Avast. In case it will help, I'm attaching copy of the web2c version of bibtex.exe, in a zip file, so you can avoid having to re-install the entire SWP system. When you've reset the virus checker, just unzip the exe to the web2c folder. This will also allow you to check that excluding bibtex has actually worked, and if necessary, try again.

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Thank you. That is a big

Thank you. That is a big help. I am pretty sure that the flagging was an abberation. I have used the two programs in conjunction many times before. But perhaps an errant cosmic ray.....
Thanks again.
Jim Meyer