use msu-thesis package in SWP 5.5

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I have been suffering this for a while and hope someone would help me fix the problem:
Whenever I try to open the "MSU-thesis-template.tex" file in the package, there is an error message-cannot find the "msu-thesis.tex" even though I know the file is there with the right directory.

If click 'Yes' to continue and try compile the PDF file, I first get an error message saying there is no "etex.sty" file; I go to CTAN:

and put the file into style folder.

Then I get the following error message when I compile PDF file:

! Package etex Error: This package may only be run using an
(etex) etex in extended mode.

I cannot go further. Could some of you help me out?



P.S., the msu-thesis package is attached, you can also download from:

msu-thesis.zip318.49 KB