error when compiling PDF SWP5.5

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try to compile (or preview or print) a PDF and get error within TrueTex DVI viewer : Run LaTex-PDG no such .ini section

SWP 5.5 build 2960 W7 64 bit

I'm a bit stuck at the moment. This problem cropped up after (re)installing fonts to the truetype directory though I don't think compiling PDF has ever worked on this installation. New installation

Any ideas?


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One thing you could check is

One thing you could check is whether there is in fact a section like that. Look at [your swp installation, here assumed to be in c:\swp55] c:\swp55\tcitex\truetex\truetex.ini. In my version I find (at about line 200):

EXE="C:\swp55\TCITeX\web2c\pdfLaTeX.exe &pdflatex_ml"
FINISHMSG="[pdfLaTeX finished]"

Is this present in your version? Also, does your swp installation start in c:\swp55? If it's in a folder whose name contains spaces, then all sorts of things could go wrong. I'd be a bit surprised if it was a font issue, at least given this error message. I'm also running W7, 64-bit, so we know in principle that it can be made to work.