error message from SWP 5.5

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Hi folks,

I encountered this error message again and again, and have no idea of how it came up:

) (c:/swp55/TCITeX/tex/latex/threeparttable/threeparttable.sty)
! Undefined control sequence.
l.67 \DefineVerbatimEnvironment


Could some experts help me out?


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I think that the

I think that the \DefineVerbatimEnvironment is set up in the fancyvrb package, which you don't seem to have loaded (yet). If you are loading it, make sure that your command comes after the \usepackage command. If this is difficult -- because SWP moves the \usepackage command a bit --- you can always try \RequirePackage in the preamble, which doesn't get moved.

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pviton, You're absolutely


You're absolutely right: the problem is fixed. Thank you so much!